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RomaAcorn   |   4 год. назад
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ПОТЕРЯЛСЯ РЕБЁНОК! | Reality Show 4 - Познавательные и прикольные видеоролики

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Roma Acorn's Bio:
Roma Acorn is a Russian YouTuber and electronic pop singer. Born in Moscow, Roma began posting YouTube videos in 2010 and released his first single, “Like”, in 2012. Since, Roma has released two additional singles, “Во Сне” (In A Dream) and “Интернет герой” (Internet Hero), his debut album titled "Зона свободного падения" (Free Fall Zone), and opened for Justin Bieber in Moscow and Saint Petersburg on Beiber’s 2013 Believe Tour. On this channel, you will find a variety of videos including vlogs, music, behind the scenes content, music videos, and more.

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